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COVID-19 Safety Plans

The following are links to COVID-19 Safety Plans for locations managed by Cattaraugus County Offices and Departments.

View ALL of the COVID-19 County Re-opening Safety Plans

Administrator's Office

County Center in Little Valley

Aging Department

COVID-19 Safety Plans for the Dept. of Aging

  • Allegany Senior Wellness and Nutrition (SWAN/MOW) Site
  • Cattaraugus/Little Valley SWAN Site
  • Delevan SWAN Site
  • Ellicottville HDM/MOW Drop off ONLY Site (No SWAN - No congregate Site)
  • Franklinville SWAN Site
  • Gowanda SWAN Site
  • Machias Kitchen
  • Olean County Building - Aging Main Office
  • Olean SWAN Site/Olean Senior Center
  • Portville SWAN SIte
  • Randolph SWAN Site
  • Salamanca HDM/MOW Drop off ONLY Site (No SWAN - No congregate Site)
  • South Dayton SWAN Site
  • West Valley SWAN Site

Attorney's Office

Board of Elections

Board of Elections COVID-19 Re-opening Safety Plan for offices in Little Valley School

Clerk's Office

Community Services

District Attorney's Office

District Attorney's COVID-19 Reopening Safety Plan

Economic Development, Planning & Tourism (EDPT)

EDPT's COVID-19 Reopening Safety Plan for offices in the County Center

Emergency Services

County Center

Health Department

County Building in Olean

Little Valley School Building

Machias Health Clinic

Salamanca Health Clinic

Historical Museum & Research Center

Stone House

Human Resources

County Center in Little Valley

Information Services


County Center

One Stop Career Center

Blue Bird Square

Pines Nursing Homes

See updated COVID-19 plans at


County Building in Olean

Public Defender

Public Defender's Office

Public Works

DPW Facility in Little Valley

Real Property

Little Valley School

Sheriff's Office

Snack Bar

Snack Bar in County Center

Social Services

County Building in Olean

Treasurer's Office

County Building and County Building

Veterans Service Agency

Youth Bureau

Little Valley School