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To provide enhanced services by linking monitoring and advocacy, in order to ensure that an individual with mental illness, quality of life may be maintained or improved in the least restrictive environment, keeping in mind continuum of care.

Referrals are received from therapists, hospitals, family members and other agencies.

Services Provided:

  • Living arrangements
  • Educational/Vocational
  • Physical Health
  • Family
  • Mental Health
  • Self Care
  • Economic
  • Transportation
  • Social
  • Substance Abuse


Single Point of Access for Case Management and Housing. SPOA is  NOT a service, but a process (a means to accomplish an end). Initial SPOA will concentrate on individuals with high needs;

  • AOT-Assisted Outpatient Treatment
  • ICM-Intensive Case Management
  • SCM-Supportive Case Management
  • SPMI-Severely Persistent Mentally Ill

The SPOA Committee consists of representatives from DSS, Probation, Council on Alcohol, Day Treatment, Department of Aging, Mental Health Association, Community Action, Catholic Charities, The Rehabilitation Center, Psychiatric Unit, as well as any agency that may be involved with SPOA referral.

SPOA-Levels of care under the umbrella of Case Management for Adults:

  1. Intensive/AOT Case Management
  2. Intensive Case Management
  3. Supportive Case Management
  4. Traditional Case Management
  5. Forensic Case Management

SPOA-Levels of Care under the umbrella of Case Management for Children and Youth:

Intensive Case Management and Supportive Case Management

Adult SPOA Meeting Schedule

Adult SPOA Meetings are on the First and Third Tuesday of Each Month, starting at 10:30AM at the Foundations for Change

More information

For more information, please contact Melissa Ball 716-373-0980, ext 5401