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Cattaraugus County currently has several areas that require the use of pop-ups. For the Cattaraugus County website, you will have to Disable Pop-up Blockers.

Disable Pop-up Blockers for

On certain areas of the website, like the Real Property section, visitors must have the website in their pop-up blocking software's whitelist (allow list) OR disable their popup blocking software temporarily. If is not allowed to display pop-ups then certain features and tools will not be available to you.

Browser / Software

You must set the settings on the web browser you use and/or the pop-up blocking software you are using.

Enabling Pop-ups in Internet Explorer and Windows XP Service Pack 2

If you have Windows XP Service Pack 2 and use Internet Explorer then please visit to stop pop-ups.

Mozilla & Netscape

Directions on managing pop-ups can be found in


Safari for OSX

Apple's newest browser, Safari, also includes pop-up killing options. To enable either press 'Apple' + K or open the prefernces and check the 'Block pop-up windows' check box under the 'Advanced' menu.


Click on File, Preferences and select Windows. For the pop-ups section, you can opt to Accept pop-ups, Refuse pop-ups, Open pop-ups in the background, or Open requested pop-ups only. For more information on blocking popups in Opera, please visit

Google Toolbar

Please visit Google Toolbar: Allow Pop-ups and the Whitelist


Depending on the other popup blocking software you may use, you may have to place in a whitelist or an acceptance list of sites that are allowed to display popups.


If you have unwanted pop-ups on your machine then please try any of the following:

The webmaster recommends using the Firefox web browser for your web browsing convenience and safety.