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The Environmental Health Division of the Cattaraugus County Department of Health is charged with enforcement of the NYS Sanitary Code (10 NYCRR), NYS Public Health Law and the Sanitary Code of the Cattaraugus County Health District.  In addition, we issue permits and review engineering plans for many associations, businesses and activities, which potentially impact public health. All fees charged by the Environmental Health Division are established by the Cattaraugus County Legislature (Environmental Health Services Fees).

Please see the links listed below under the Services heading for information regarding specific Environmental Health programs.  Our offices may also provide services and education to residents regarding other environmental health concerns.  Feel free to contact us if you cannot find answers to your questions on our webpages.

Accessing Environmental Health Records 

A great deal of health data from across New York State is publicly available through the "Health Data NY" website.

Copies of specific Environmental Health records may be accessed by any member of the public by filing a "FOIL Request Form" with the Cattaraugus County Clerk's Office. 

Please note that records concerning private property may be provided to the owner (or their designated representative) on request without filing this form.

Mosquito Control Notice 

The Cattaraugus County Health Department may conduct aerial spraying to kill mosquito larvae in the breeding areas in the townships of: Allegany, Carrollton, Great Valley, Hinsdale, Olean, Portville, and Salamanca.  Copies of the maps indicating the proposed treatment sites, together with this notification have been place in the Town Clerk's office in the Towns of Allegany, Carrollton, Great Valley, Hinsdale, Olean, Portville and Salamanca.  These maps will be available for public viewing during the Clerk's regular business hours and online at 

Link to notice


Activities Requiring Permits

Drinking Water Testing in Schools

Food Service & Inspections


Free Lead Testing Pilot Program

Health Inspectors by Town

Health and Safety Recalls

Healthy Neighborhoods Program

Insect Control

Nuisances & Complaints

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

Onsite Water Supplies

Private Water & Wastewater Utilities

Public Water Systems

Rabies Prevention

Tobacco Use & Distribution Laws

Veggie Wheels®

Water Treatment Systems

Wastewater Discharge Notifications

Waterborne Illness & Disinfection

Water/Wastewater Surveys for Real Property Transfer Inspections

Events from Environmental Health

We are sorry but there are zero scheduled Environmental Health events at this time.

The Cattaraugus County Health Department's Division of Environmental Health is happy to announce our upcoming events. Here we may list our upcoming Free Rabies Clinics and other events.