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Temporary Residences (hotels, motels & cabin colonies), Campgrounds & Migrant Farmworker Housing in Cattaraugus County require inspection and a "Permit to Operate" issued by the Health Department.  Each facility type receives a minimum of one inspection per year to ensure compliance with the applicable sections of the NYS Sanitary Code and may also be required to meet the requirements of a public water supply, if water is provided by an onsite source.  Please contact the Environmental Health Division for more information.  These facility types normally require plan review and approval prior to construction.

Temporary Residences (Hotels, Motels & Cabin Colonies)

A temporary residence is defined as any facility that is maintained for 11 or more overnight guests, for at least 60 cumulative hours per year, and do not meet the definition of a children's camp, migrant farmworker housing, or mobile home park.  Temporary residences are inspected for compliance with "Subpart 7-1, 10NYCRR: Temporary Residences".


A campground is defined as any parcel or tract of land where five or more campsites are available to the public for seasonal or overnight occupancy, provided that it is occupied for at least 60 hours per year and does not meet the definition of migrant farm worker housing, children's camp, or mobile home park.  Campsites may be maintained for overnight use by tent and camper guests, a camping cabin, or for use by a self-contained recreational vehicle.  Campgrounds are inspected for compliance with "Subpart 7-3, 10NYCRR: Campgrounds".

Migrant Farmworker Housing

Migrant farm worker housing is defined as residential facilities occupied by five or more persons, one or more who are employed to perform farm activities on a seasonal basis.  Migrant farmworker housing is inspected for compliance with "10NYCRR Part 15, Migrant Worker Housing" .

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Catt. County is an Accredited Health Department by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB)