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Program Overview

The Healthy Neighborhoods Program (HNP) is designed to help improve the personal health, safety, and living conditions of individuals and families to reduce the burden of housing related illness and injury.

HNP provides home safety visits at no-cost to promote healthy homes for Cattaraugus County residents. It is funded through a grant from the New York State Department of Health.

How does the Healthy Neighborhoods Program work?

An HNP staff member works directly with the resident to arrange a convenient time for a home visit.

During the home visit, HNP staff will introduce ideas to promote a healthy home, and offer educational materials to help the resident determine what is best for their home.

Staff may identify safety hazards or areas of concern, and follow-up with information and recommendations for improvement to help the resident correct or reduce housing hazards related to:

  • fire safety
  • lead poisoning prevention
  • indoor air quality
  • carbon monoxide poisoning
  • radon
  • ventilation and odors
  • cleaning and clutter
  • pests
  • mold/mildew and moisture
  • asthma
  • injury prevention

Finally, HNP staff will also work with the resident to develop a plan to help make their home safer and provide products to help them meet their goals. Products may include:

  • smoke detectors
  • carbon monoxide detectors
  • replacement batteries
  • radon test kits
  • fire extinguishers
  • asthma management tools
  • green cleaning items including baking soda and vinegar
  • child safety products such as door knob covers, outlet covers, and cabinet latches


HNP is offered to all Cattaraugus County residents regardless of age or income, including both homeowners and tenants. However, home safety visit preference will be given to residents who reside in Olean, Salamanca, Randolph, and Gowanda, as these areas demonstrate a disparate need for services the program offers. 



Although HNP staff may be in your home, remember that we are not there to judge or be invasive. If you have questions or concerns with anything in your home, we will gladly help you with any problems and refer you to local agencies or programs that can assist you.

Any identifying markers you provide us with—such as your name, address, or phone number—are kept confidential within the program. Only staff from the HNP will have access to this information and only with permission will we make referrals in which your name and phone number will be included.

How to Request a Home Safety Visit

If you live in Cattaraugus County and have questions, concerns, or would like to request a home safety visit, please complete the Online Form and an HNP staff member will conact you for scheduling. 

Health Provider Referrals for Patients with Asthma

Health providers can submit a referral for a patient by faxing or emailing the following form:

*For more information, please refer to the Health Provider Referral Resource for Patients with Asthma

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