Tax Tool Updated on the Interactive Parcel Viewer

News from Real Property and GIS, Posted on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 3:00am

The Tax Tool on the Parcel Viewer was updated yesterday (June 19, 2008). You can now calculate additional tax totals by changing the property's assessment. These totals will be based off of the current year's tax rate.

Taxes Tool Thumbnail of ScreenshotThis can be tested by looking at the Tax Tool report for the Cattaraugus County Center in Little Valley. The tool itself is found on the mapping portion of the Parcel Viewer and is used by clicking on the tool, then clicking on any parcel (you must check on either of the Parcel layers and have the Parcel Layer active).

These modifications were made by Jeremy Knab, the Cattaraugus County webmaster. The Tax Tool was developed in-house by Jeremy and the Department of Real Property with our specifications and guidance. We would like to thank the Department of Economic Development, Planning and Tourism and the Procurement Technical Assistance Center for Jeremy's time.

Try out the Tax Tool:

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News from Real Property and GIS

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