Path Through History Museum Crawl

News from Economic Development, Planning and Tourism, Posted on Thu, 06/02/2016 - 2:58pm
Outline of border of Cattaraugus County with old time bicyclist and museum

Outline of border of Cattaraugus County with old time bicyclist and museum crawl locations

Visit the Museums of Cattaraugus County for New York State's Path Through History Weekend!  New York State encourages its residents and visitors to explore our History on June 18-19 of 2016.  June 19 is also Father's Day and what better way to spend the day with dad, exploring our Museums and learning about our unique area of the State! 

Many of the museums in Cattaraugus County will be open for one or both of the days and offer historical photos, festivals, unique displays or genealogy research for you to discover!  This year, if you visit 3 or more of the Museums throughout the weekend, you will receive a FREE Sports bottle for stopping by.  We know you will enjoy learning some of the stories of our rich history, including parts of the Underground Railroad, fortunes found, ever-changing transportation, war heroes, folklore and so much more! 

Stamp cards will be available at each of the museums listed below, and once you reach the third museum, you will receive your mug or sports bottle right there!  No need to wait!  Please note the times and dates of each participating museum below and plan a weekend of diving into the history of our towns, villages and cities!  For questions, please call 1-800-331-0543.  The museums are listed in alphabetical order.  Museums have free admission, but donations are gratefully accepted.

1. African American Center for Cultural Development - 1803 W. State St. Olean, NY.

Check out the Center's new location!  Open on Sunday, June 19th, from 1pm to 4pm.  Learn about the historical buildings and persons that helped to shape Olean as we know it today!  Learn about Sarah Johnson, a runaway slave that was embraced by the Olean community and later became a midwife and helped to birth many Olean residents!  Don't forget the Juneteenth Festival the following weekend on June 25th at the Center's Old Location on Leo Moss Dr.

2. Allegany Area Historical Society Museum - 25 N. Second St. Allegany, NY.

Open on Saturday, June 18th, from 10am to 4pm.  They are housed in an historic 1855 former church building and specialize in the history of Allegany and nearby areas.  There will be a special exhibit that Saturday on the schools of Allegany.  Also, regularly on display is the full sized, restored, 1856 Map of the County. 

3.  American Museum of Cutlery - 9 Main St. Cattaraugus, NY.

Open Saturday, June 18th, from 10am to 4pm and Sunday, June 19th, from 1pm to 4pm.  By now, you probably are aware that Cattaraugus County has a ton of cutlery history, with Cattaraugus Cutlery Company, Case Company, Cutco, and Ontario Knife.  See exhibits with unique knives and the stories behind them at the museum.  Within a 50 mile radius of Cattaraugus, approximately 150 different cutlery companies existed during nearly a 200 year period in our nation's history. The location of 9 Main Street, is where knives were offered for sale when the building was constructed in 1888.

4. Cattaraugus County Museum - 9824 Rt. 16 Machias, NY.

Open Saturday, June 18th, from 12pm to 4pm.  The Cattaraugus County Museum and Research Library is excited to announce a new event coming this Spring. "Family Day at the Museum" will take place on Saturday.  This event will be fun for kids of all ages and their families.  There will be live music provided by the WNY Fiddle Kids, hands on activities and games, as well as prizes! In addition, the museum's new exhibit on baseball in Cattaraugus County will be open!  This event is free and open to the public. Join us!  Follow on Facebook for more details!

5. Dayton Historical Museum - 9561 Rt. 62 Dayton, NY.

Open Saturday, June 18th, from 10am to 4pm.  Formerly the St. Paul of the Cross Church, the Dayton Historical Society bought the building and held it's first meeting in July of 1989.  The museum houses artifacts from the residents of the Town and there are numerous displays on the anniversaries the town has celebrated.  There was the 149th anniversary of the Railroad running from Dayton to South Dayton, the 140th anniversary of the Hotel, and many family group sheets have been compiled for genealogy research. 

6. Ellicottville Historical Society Museum - 2 Washington St. Ellicottville, NY.

Open Saturday and Sunday, June 18-19, from 10am to 4pm each day.  As one of the former corners of the Village Square, this site has been the location of the County Clerk's Office, a bank, a German Protestant Lutheran Church, and a millinery shop.  Currently on display is the Holland Land Company's influence on the area, old wedding dresses, farming families of the area, skiing history and historical homes in the Village. 

7. Fannie E. Bartlett House and the Olean Point Museum - 302 Laurens St. Olean, NY.

Open Saturday, June 18th, from 1pm to 5pm.  This Queen Anne-style house was originally built in 1881 by Mr. George Foreman and purchased in 1891 by Frank and Fannie Bartlett.  You will notice the intricate detail work in every room and that each room has a different floor design, some with as many as seven different woods imported from around the world.  The Olean Point Museum is located in the converted Carriage House on the Bartlett property. Opened in 1998, the Museum has presented a variety of historical exhibits since its inception, featuring local business, culture and people.

8. Hinsdale Historical Society Museum - 3826 Main St. Hinsdale, NY.

Open Saturday, June 18th, from 10am to 4pm.  The Hinsdale Historical Society decided several years ago that they needed a place to retain and exhibit priceless items used in Hinsdale. Our members have collected and received both loaned and donated items which we currently inventory. We offer exhibits, many one of a kind items unique to Hinsdale, including various dairy items associated with local farming including Kents, Browns and Crosby Farms. We also house an early arrowhead collection, Mobil Oil display, old tools, and many primitives. Historical documents, church information, pictures and yearbooks from our area include Maplehurst, Ischua, and Haskell Valley can be viewed. Fire department equipment, scouting display and information on our famous Hinsdale Haunted House is also available to scrutinize. Their normal hours are open second Saturday each month from 1:00-3:00 April-Oct. or by appt. 716-307-7699.

9. Howe-Prescott Salt Box House - Cadiz Rd. Franklinville, NY.

Open both Saturday and Sunday, June 18-19, from 1pm to 4pm.  This salt-box house was built between 1816-1819.  The house is currently as it was when purchased in 1966 by the Ischua Valley Historical Society, and is a two story building.  Tour the rooms as you step back in time to ancient stoves, antique furniture and a well house. 

10. Leon Historical Society Museum - Rt. 62 and Cherry Creek-Leon Hill Rd. Leon, NY.

Open Saturday, June 18th, from 10am to 4pm.  Come to Leon's Heritage Day!  This historical and cultural event will feature Amish and English crafts, demonstrations, foods and more!  Leon's population is about 75% Amish as the Old Order Amish settled here in 1949.  They will have quilts, crafts, classes you can sign up for, demonstrations, Amish ice cream and the Museum will be open!  At the Museum you can see the life and times of the Pennyroyal Racetrack, which had TWO NASCAR racers come out of this track. 

11. Mansfield Area Historical Society Museum - 7691 Toad Hollow Rd. Little Valley, NY.

Open on Saturday, June 18th, from 10am to 4pm.  The Museum will be featuring its huge framed 1856 Cattaraugus County Wall Map and the 1915 framed wall map of the same area along with commentary about the area and early settlers.  Established in 2010 in the former Mansfield Town Hall (previously a United Congregational Church); for the preservation of historical significance in the early settlement of Cattaraugus County and to promote continued area businesses.  The Museum is usually open by appointment, call the Historian, Sue Cross at 716-307-2904. Check them out on their Facebook page!

12. Miner's Cabin of the Ischua Valley Historical Society - 9 Pine St. Franklinville, NY.

Open Saturday and Sunday, June 18th and 19th, from 1pm to 4pm.  This three story edifice of Queen Anne design was built by Tom Corsett and R. A. Crosby for Simeon Robbins in 1895 at a cost of $7,000. Mr. Robbins had made several trips to the Klondike, discovered a paying mine, and with proceeds of its sale built the Miner's Cabin - so called because of his success in the gold fields.  The first floor has heavy, beautifully carved woodwork, fireplaces, and parquet floors. All rooms but the entry to the kitchen are newly papered in the design of the 1895 era. 

13. Perrysburg Historical Museum - 10460 Peck Hill Rd. Perrysburg, NY.

Open Saturday, June 18th, from 10am to 4pm.  The Museum is in the Town Hall in the Village of Perrysburg and many local artifacts have found a home within the walls of the museum.  The building itself was formally the schoolhouse and the prize possessions is the miniature model of the JN Adam Tuberculosis Sanitarium made in the late 1930s showing the entire campus.  There is plenty of genealogical information available as well.   

14. Salamanca Area Historical Society Museum - 125 Main St. Salamanca, NY.

Open Saturday, June 18th, from 10am to 4:30pm.  This museum is housed in a restored 1882 bank building.  Various displays depict the history of Salamanca.  Knowledgeable staff available to answer questions.  Three floors of history and displays!  Check them out on their Facebook page!

15. Salamanca Rail Museum - 170 Main St. Salamanca, NY.

Open Saturday and Sunday, June 18th and 19th, from 11am to 4pm.  The Salamanca Rail Museum is a fully restored passenger depot constructed in 1912 by the Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway. Through artifacts, photos and video presentations, you can experience an era over 90 years ago, when rail was the primary mode of transportation from city to city.  The Rail Museum building was acquired in 1980, a vandalized vacant shell that had stood idle for over 20 years.  Check them out on their Facebook page!

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