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Did you know your SNAP Benefits can be stolen???

Criminals are using skimming devices to steal your EBT Card Number and PIN


Inspect the card reading machine for an overlay that may hide parts of the machine.

Look for anything unusual, glue marks, damaged or loose parts, and be careful of hidden cameras.

The easiest way to check for a skimmer is to gently pull up on the terminal, these things are flimsy, and they might come right off.

If you suspect anything is “OFF” with the machine, DON’T swipe your card. Notify a store manage and walk away. Contact your local Department of Social Services.

Always protect your benefits by shielding the PIN PAD, changing your PIN frequently and by checking your EBT account regularly.

If you believe your benefits have been stolen, contact the EBT CUSTOMER SERVICE HELPLINE at 1-888-328-6399 or and report in order to have a new benefits card issued to you.

Video about Protecting Your Benefits

Watch a Video - Act Fast: Protect Your EBT Benefits Against Skimming Thieves

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