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The Brooks Patterson Community Leadership Award is presented annually by the Cattaraugus County Planning Board to one or more community leaders who exemplify the outstanding spirit and example that Torrance Brooks and Donald Patterson set during their lifetime of dedicated service to their respective communities, County Legislature, County Planning Board, and regional agencies.

The recipients of these annual awards are chosen to give countywide recognition to leaders and volunteers who make lasting contributions to the people and communities of Cattaraugus County and its region.

The Cattaraugus County Planning Board’s theme for these awards is “People Are Our Greatest Resource”.  In this spirit, we are pleased to present the 2019 Brooks Patterson Community Leadership Award to: Florence Fuller for Outstanding Leadership in Community Involvement and Economic Development in Cattaraugus County. Congratulations Florence!

Florence Fuller, Crystal Abers and Mike Zaprowski
Florence Fuller after receiving the award from Mike Zaprowski, Planning Board Secretary, and Crystal Abers, Director of Dept. of EDPT.

About Florence

Florence started working for Cattaraugus County Courts in 1965 as the Court Secretary, a year later she was appointed to Chief Clerk.  In 1977 New York State took over the Court System and officially changed her position to Chief Court Clerk.  In 1995, after 30 years of service to the Courts, the District Office offered Florence an early retirement, which she took.  Just prior to her retirement she was asked to join the County Planning Board which she remained active on until 2018.  Florence was also a Carrollton Town Board member for 12 years. 

Florence’s commitment to her Town and County makes her the perfect recipient of this award.