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Some information on the websites that Cattaraugus County maintains.

We create most of the websites using the Drupal website framework and you may see the text "Powered by Drupal". Using Drupal has allowed us to extend and build the sites that we want to see.

Many enterprises, governments, and educational institutions use Drupal.

Short List of Drupal-based Websites

Drupal is the CMS of choice for over 70% of higher education institutions

Benefits to Cattaraugus County

Since we standardized on Drupal as a website platform in 2008 we have saved costs.


We are more agile in our development of solutions.


Due to a very robust caching system Drupal scales and can handle large amounts of traffic.

User Experience

A consistent interface ... an editor of one of our websites can easily adapt to working on another website


We benefit from the great core features of Drupal can meet or exceed the accessibility guidelines.

Drupal ensures that all its features and functions conform with the World Wide Web Consortium guidelines WCAG, WAI-ARIA  and ADA guidelines out-of-the-box.

Source: Top 5 Advantages of Drupal vs. Other Content Management Systems


But what makes Drupal 8 such a secure choice? The biggest driver often seems counter-intuitive at first, but Drupal’s open-source nature means that its code is fully available to anyone for auditing and evaluation. Unlike a commercial solution that is tightly controlled and may only be fully available to the for-profit entity that produces it, Drupal’s core code – as well as that of many of its contributed modules – is under constant scrutiny by the community, which even includes a team dedicated entirely to such concerns.

Source: Top Benefits of Drupal 8 - Bounteous


The Drupal community is always looking to the future of website development.

List of some Catt. County Websites

and more!

Business Help

We help businesses with different issues that they may be having in their online journeys.


The current webmaster is Jeremy Knab, Web Technician for Cattaraugus County.

Contact me through the feedback form.

County Employees

Each Cattaraugus County office or department has staff that may make changes on this website.