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Cattaraugus County engages people through many digital outlets, including and our other websites. Communicating with the County through social media enables you to contact us in a direct and meaningful way. We encourage productive dialogue.

Link: Cattaraugus County Social Media Networks

About Social Media Terms of Service

Cattaraugus County Departments' social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter pages are located within host sites that maintain their own terms of service, terms of use, privacy policies or other rules (“Terms of Service”, TOS) governing the use of these sites. You are subject to the TOS of the host site when you visit a Cattaraugus County agency social media site. Information (photos, videos, messages etc.) you share with or post to Cattaraugus County agency pages may be used by the owners of the host site for their own purposes pursuant to its TOS. For more information, consult the host website's TOS.

Cattaraugus County may also host its own social media sites, whose site-specific Terms of Service govern your use of those sites. You agree that any information you post on a Cattaraugus County social media site is irrevocably, permanently licensed to Cattaraugus County and may be treated by the County as public information subject to disclosure to third parties. If a copyright is indicated on a video, photo, graphic or other material, permission to copy the material must be obtained from the original source of the material before posting.

Communications on Social Media

Communications made to a County government entity through a Cattaraugus County social media site will not be considered formal public comment and shall not constitute official legal notice to the County or requests for records under the Freedom of Information Law. Such submissions will not be acknowledged.

Code of Conduct / Community Guidelines

We have code of conduct guidelines that we follow and enforce on social media and County websites to help establish online areas in which we may have effective interactions.

Be Familiar with a Platform's Guidelines

We encourage you to become familiar with a social media platform's guidelines as Cattaraugus County's Social Media Guidelines are developed upon these guidelines and will change. Please visit here periodically to review these guidelines.

Posts and Comments

We may hide, report, or delete a post if any of the following apply:

  • information that needs to be fact checked
  • offensive / profane language
  • inappropriate
  • threatening language
  • discriminating remark
  • advertisements, promotions, or solicitations
  • personal information - information that may compromise their safety or security
  • link to unrelated content
  • libel
  • sexual content
  • SPAM
  • violations of a law (federal, state, or local)


Questions regarding the Cattaraugus County social media use guidelines may be asked on the social media form.