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Corporate Compliance Handbook

Overview: The Cattaraugus County Legislature has directed the development of a Corporate Compliance Plan, to reaffirm the commitment of Cattaraugus County to abide by high legal and ethical standards in all of its operations and services provided on behalf of the residents of Cattaraugus County.

To that end, Cattaraugus County has developed Standards of Conduct and Policies and Procedures for the implementation of the Cattaraugus County Corporate Compliance Plan. This Plan forms the basis of the Cattaraugus County Corporate Compliance Program and these documents provide guidance to all employees and independent contractors regarding the operation of the Corporate Compliance Program and the available mechanisms through which compliance issues can and should be reported.

Each employee and contractor of Cattaraugus County is responsible for adhering to both the Standards of Conduct and the Policies and Procedures of the Corporate Compliance Program.

If you have questions about this document please contact the Corporate Compliance Officer at 716-938-6003.

Corporate Compliance Handbook (PDF)