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For the purposes of this policy, "tolerance" shall mean the leeway given regarding work experience when reviewing an application. Applicants lacking a small amount of work experience when applying for promotional or open-competitive examinations may qualify under the following conditions:

  1. Candidates will be given a maximum tolerance of one (1) month.
  2. Tolerance will be given only when the minimum qualification requires one or more years of work experience.
  3. Tolerance Policy does not apply to education or licensure/certification requirements. (See particular examination announcement for "Anticipated Eligibility" information).
  4. Tolerance Policy does not apply where required work experience is set forth by law or rules.
  5. Tolerance Policy does not apply to enable applicants to meet residence requirements.
  6. Experience gained after filing date will not be considered.

For more information regarding Tolerance Policy, please contact our office at (716) 938-2315.