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Election Date

The March 2020 Village Elections were postponed until September 15, 2020 per Executive Order 202.4.

Vote / Absentee Ballots

In order to be eligible to vote in the Village Election if not previously registered, the board of elections must receive your voter registration application no later than 5pm on Sept. 4, 2020.

Voter registration forms can be mailed at your request from the Board of Elections office, you may print an application by visiting our website at or in person at 207 Rock City Street, Suite 100, Little Valley.  Voter registration forms are also available at any local post office, county or state agency, as well as from city, town or village clerks.

Absentee ballots are available to eligible voters.  The deadline for applying for an absentee ballot by mail is Tuesday, Sept. 7, however voters may apply in person until the day before the election. In addition to the multiple reasons to apply for an absentee ballot, a voter may also now use ‘temporary illness or physical disability’ to indicate a concern of contracting or spreading an illness, due to COVID-19 concerns.

2020 Village Election Candidates

The 2020 Village Election Candidates are as follows, village ballots allow for voters to write in.

Village of Cattaraugus

Trustee – 2 - year term (Vote for any Two)

  • Jason Crawford – Democratic
  • Diane S. Wienk – Republican
  • George E. Borrowdale – Republican

Village of Delevan

Mayor – 4 - year term  (Vote for One)

  • John C. Stumpf – Citizens

Trustee – 4 -  year term (Vote for any Two)

  • Richard D. Hunt – Citizens
  • Trista L. Reisdorf – Citizens

Village of Ellicottville

Mayor – 4 - year term (Vote for One)

  • John A. Burrell – New Village
  • William S. Coolidge – Village Strong

Trustee – 4 - year term (Vote for any Two)

  • Douglas S. Bush – Republican
  • Edward J. Imhoff – Republican
  • Douglas S. Bush – New Village
  • Edward J. Imhoff – New Village

Village of Franklinville

Mayor 4 - year term (Vote for One)

  • Harvey A. Soulvie – Republican
  • Trustee – 4 - year term (Vote for any Two)
  • Michael J. Sikora – Republican
  • Scott D. Hillman – Republican

Village of Gowanda

Trustee 2 - year term (Vote for any Two)

  • Wanda J. Koch – Forward
  • Aaron P. Markham – Forward

Village of Little Valley

Trustee 4 - year term (Vote for any Two)

  • Rory B. Mosher – Republican
  • Raymond J. Hughes – Republican
  • Piper L. Bridenbaker – New Direction

Village of South Dayton

Trustee 2 - year term (Vote for any Two)

  • Robert W. Killock – Democratic
  • Lynn J. Rupp – Democratic
  • Lynn J. Rupp – Republican
  • Robert W. Kilock – Republican

Justice – 4 - year term (Vote for One)

  • Stephen S. Smuda, III – Democraticic
  • Stephen S. Smuda, III - Republican


For more information, contact the Cattaraugus County Board of Elections at (716) 938-2400.