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Fire Department SymbolCattaraugus County is home to 37 fire departments.  Of these, 35 are 100% volunteer services with volunteer firefighters responding from their homes or places of work to help their communities.  Two of our fire departments are career departments, meaning that they are staffed 24/7/365 with paid firefighters.  Those career fire departments are the City of Olean Fire Department and the City of Salamanca Fire Department.

In order to best coordinate the fire departments needs, we have divided our county into five larger "fire districts".  Each of these districts includes 7-9 individual fire departments and is overseen by a Deputy Fire Coordinator.  All 37 fire departments are overseen by Cattaraugus County Fire Coordinator Christopher J. Baker, who is also the Director of the Office of Emergency Services.

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For more information about the fire service across New York state, you may click here for the Firemen's Association of the State of New York website.

Interested in joining your local volunteer fire department?

Feel free to directly contact a member of your local department or you may contact the Office of Emergency Services by email to or by phone at (716) 938-2213 where you can leave your name, home address, and phone number so that we can pass your information along to the appropriate local fire chief.

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Training and first responder information is available on our Facebook page @CattCoOES Cattaraugus County Office of Emergency Services or follow us on Twitter @CattCoOES.