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The Cattaraugus County Comprehensive Plan Vision 2025 was adopted by the County Legislature on March 23, 2016. The focus of the Plan is to promote quality economic development and protect the positive features and resources of the County. It strives to improve coordination among the County's municipalities and also increase collaboration with regional partners and their planning efforts.

View the latest Comprehensive Plan "Vision 2025" (Released on March 23, 2016)

Please note that this PDF file is a large file at just over 59 MB.

The "Vision 2025" builds upon prior planning efforts and provides an abundance of information about current conditions, trends, and issues facing the County. More importantly, it sets forth a shared set of goals and priorities for the County. The strategies were developed to help achieve the shared vision of a healthy and sustainable economy, environment, and populace. The Plan was developed with substantial public input and reflects the voice of the residents, businesses, and public leaders of the County.

Goals, Objectives, Strategies

Chapter X, The Vision for the Future, of the County Comprehensive Plan outlines the goals, objectives and strategies for the future vision of the County. Goals and objectives specifically developed for the Plan reflect, support and build upon the goals developed in the County's prior planning studies, regional plans, and public input. The strategies focus on actions under the County's control or where the County can fulfill a leadership role for other municipalities in the County. The goals, objectives, and strategies established provide the foundation of a future vision for Cattaraugus County and guidelines for County decision-making.

Survey Results

Public input included two rounds of public meetings held at various locations throughout the County, as well as a public online survey which received over 300 responses. Targeted outreach to youth and seniors was undertaken to obtain a wide perspective on future priorities for the County. The goals developed from the first round of public input sessions were reviewed, verified and revised based on responses obtained at the second round of public input meetings.
The information gathered at the public meetings is included in Appendix A and Survey Results are located in Appendix B of the adopted Comprehensive Plan. Read the summary of the results from the online survey.

Previous Plans/Studies:

Cattaraugus County Land Use Plan 2000 (1978 Comprehensive Plan)
Smart Development for Quality Communities Guidebook Series, Vol. 1-8
Cattaraugus County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan