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Horses in ConewangoThis is the home of the Equine Advisory Committee of Cattaraugus County. You will find links to equestrian related businesses, stables, trails and more. If you would like to be more involved please contact us.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Equine Advisory Committee is to encourage and promote all equestrian types and disciplines in the Enchanted Mountains region.

Goals / Purpose of Committee

  1. Prepare a comprehensive equestrian development plan for future equestrian economic growth in Cattaraugus County (refer to Guidebook #8).
  2. Grow equestrian stakeholders capital, and equine related businesses by:  offering business outreach, technical assistance, business planning, and revolving loan funds.
  3. Promote all equestrian types and disciplines to surrounding areas by offering quality facilities and quality experiences.
  4. Support efforts for riding trails, indoor and outdoor arenas, and mixed-use trails.
  5. Promote equestrian advocacy issues including liability, economic impact, education, and outreach.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The Equine Advisory Committee meets frequently to discuss equine related activities in and around Cattaraugus County, and strives to bring a greater awareness of equine related issues to the leaders of Cattaraugus County and its citizens.  Click Here for recent Meeting Minutes.


  • Leonard Brainard
  • Luke Brainard
  • Amy Jo Burroughs
  • Heather Payne
  • Trish Hutchinson
  • Randy Mallaber
  • Kara Redeye
  • Jo-Anne Young
  • Andrea Pincoski
  • Dan Laird
  • Linda Murphy
  • Melinda Nichols
  • Sue Mallaber
  • Anne Lynch
  • Ginger Schroder
  • Josh Schrader
  • Kori Eaker
  • Noah Miller

Read up

Read the speech, "Horses are as American as Apple Pie", given by Terry Martin at the September 20, 2006 meeting of the New York State Horse Council.

Cattaraugus County has a "New Vision for Outdoor Recreational Trails" Guidebook, part of the County's Smart Development for Quality Communities Guidebook Series.  Read more about the county's efforts to enrich our area's trails.


Cattaraugus County has over 85 miles of equestrian trails.  Find out more about the trails in the Enchanted Mountains.


See what events are happening in the equestrian world in the Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County.

Businesses and Links

The Equine Community of Cattaraugus County is a diverse group of businesses and enthusiasts.  Many businesses are listed on the Enchanted Mountains Website for equestrian related destinations.