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Probation Assistant - Lynn Dawson

Alternatives To Incarceration - Pretrial Release

Pretrial Release is a program designed to alleviate jail overcrowding and provide a savings to our county taxpayers for unnecessary incarceration.

It costs approximately $125 a day to house an inmate in the Cattaraugus County Jail.  Under the umbrella of Pretrial Release there are three options available to the Courts to release defendants from incarceration while they are in pretrial status.  Those options are:

  • Release on Recognizance (ROR)
  • Release Under Supervision *(RUS)
  • Bail Reduction

Assessments of inmates are done on a daily basis to determine whether they qualify for release and recommendations are made to the Courts based upon these assessments.

Those with low flight risk, with stability in the community, incarcerated on minor offenses who cannot afford bail may be recommended for ROR.

Those with problem areas to be addressed may be recommended for RUS, and supervised by an Alternatives to Incarceration Specialist, who will enforce Orders and Conditions of Release imposed by the Court, including but not limited to abstinence from alcohol and drugs, and alcohol/drug or mental health treatment.