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How do I get a copy of my deed, or tax documents?

WARNING:   Periodically, owners may receive a notice that looks like a bill, but does not originate with the County, nor any Government Agency.  The notice/bill may offer to send you a copy of your deed, and/or a report with property information.  Their fee may be $80 or more. There may even be a due date, or a 'respond by' date.

Some notices even admit:

            "This service is not affiliated with the County in which your deed is filed.  It is not affiliated with any government agency.  This offer serves as a solicitation for services and not to be interpreted as a bill due.  This service is not approved nor endorsed by any governmental agency.  You are under no obligation to pay the amount stated unless you want the report."

Your parcel information is a public record.  You are entitled to your tax information by contacting the Treasurer's Office Directly. 

When a deed is filed, the County Clerk's Office automatically sends the original to the buyer or buyer's attorney about 2 weeks after filing the deed.  After that time, if anyone wishes to receive a copy or a certified copy of their deed, they may contact the County Clerk's Office.  Only small copying fees are charged for copies.  Certified copies may be obtained for just a few dollars ($5 as of 6/2016).  You may confirm their current fee by contacting the Clerk's Office.   There is no benefit to paying more than that for these copies. 

If an owner buys back their real property after a County Foreclosure, the County will file the deed in the County Clerk's Office automatically, and then afterward, mail the original to the prior owner/buyer about 2 weeks later.   We have no added fees beyond our regular buyback fees (which are already part of the buyback payment)  in order to send to you the original deed. 

You do not need a 'third party facilitator' to receive your deed.

If you receive any notice/bills that don't come directly from the County Treasurer's Office, or the County Clerk's Office, please consider the offer carefully before paying money for something you could get locally for a lot less money.

How can I apply for an exemption?

Contact your local assessor for information and applications.

The assessor names and phone numbers can be found on the Cattaraugus County Assessors page

Can I get a copy of my tax receipt?

Yes, you can.

In order to accommodate the large number of requests we receive for copies, especially around income tax time, we ask that you call your local collector if you paid your tax to that collector. However, if you paid your tax to the County Treasurer, you may obtain a copy by sending a written request along with a self-addressed stamped envelope and $1.00 to the County Treasurer's Office.

You can also research the information yourself by using the Parcel Search tool on the Real Property Tax page.  Current charges are available there.  Also, by 'drilling' into the parcel, you can see the history of tax payments. 

I live in the City of Salamanca, where do I pay my delinquent County taxes?

The City of Salamanca does not return County taxes to the County Treasurer's Office for collection. Call the City Comptroller, Kathleen Sarver, for more information at 945-3890.

I never received a bill. Do I still have to pay the penalties?

All property owners are responsible for the taxes levied. If a bill is not received, the owner must call the local collector and inquire about the amount due and the possible reason for not receiving a bill. All penalties that have been added up to the date of payment, must be paid.

If you need a copy of your original tax bill, pick your type of tax, your town, and then search by name or address or TM#.

Can I change the mailing address, or the name on my property?

Thank you for giving attention to keeping your records updated!

The Treasurer's Office can make ADDRESS CORRECTIONS on delinquent tax records, and request the assessor to update address changes on the upcoming tax roll.  To do that, you must be an owner of the property,  fill out this form and sign it.  Then return it to the Treasurer's Office at the address found at the bottom of the form.

In regard to a change of name due to marriage, divorce, or a death, the assessor can make updates to names for the assessment/tax roll only.  This does not change/establish legal ownership.  You could use this form for the purpose of updating tax records only, and return with the required documents to the Office of Real Property at the address found on the bottom of the form. 

Owner name, however, is established on the tax roll by the deed that was filed in the County Clerk's Office. A legal change in owner(s) or legal modification of owner name requires filing a document in the County Clerk's Office or in Surrogate Court. The Assessor will then make that change on the assessment records, which affect tax rolls.

I think my assessment is too high. Can you change it?

Contact your local assessor for the needed information and forms. You may locate your town assessors' contact information.

Where do I pay my taxes?

On the front of your tax bill, you will find your local collector's address to pay by mail, and if applicable where to pay in person. Click on this link if you need a copy of your original bill.

There is also a payment schedule. If the taxes are not paid by the last deadline, the tax lien is returned to the County for collection.

On the back of your bill, you will find the address for sending your payments after March 31 for town & county,  and after October 31 for schools & villages and the City of Olean, which address is: Treasurer's Office, 303 Court St, Little Valley, NY 14755   or   1 Leo Moss Dr, Olean NY 14760  (in case you don't have the original  bill),    When a tax bill is not paid on time, there will be additional interest and penalties added to the original amount.  Please verify the amount owed by calling the Treasurer's Office, as wrong amounts may be returned to you thereby delaying the posting of a payment.

May I pay the older tax before a newer one?

If you owe more than one year of taxes to the Treasurer's Office, section 1112 of NYS Real Property Tax Law allows you to pay for one tax lien at a time, however, it requires you to pay the most recent tax first.

How can I use a credit card to pay my taxes?

Go to our secure site for more information and to pay online.  If this site does not come up properly for you in Internet Explorer, please use Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser to access it, or watch this video to learn how to change your settings in IE.


These limits are set by your bank and are a protection to you and your own bank account, but may prevent the transaction, so please contact your bank prior to your 'in person' or 'over phone' payment to ensure the successful completion of the transaction. 

May I make partial payments on my taxes?

No. County law requires that we accept full amounts for the tax bill.