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Fee Schedule


First Page 50.00
Each additional page 5.00
Each reference to a document 0.50  
(Power of Attorney, Deed, Mortgage, Lease, Satisfaction of Mortgage, Estate Tax Release, etc.)  

Building & Loan Agreement

To file 25.00
Notice of Lending 15.00

Business Certificates [DBAs] & Partnerships

 To file 25.00 
 Discontinue and amend no fee
 Certified copy 5.00 


Prepare a copy of any page        .50 per page, minimum charge of 1.00
To certify prepared copy  minimum of 5.00 then .50 per page 

Certified Copies

Document - 10 pages or less 5.00
Document - 11 pages or more 5.00 plus per-page copy cost
Exemplified copies - in addition to other fee for preparing 10.00 

Court Fees

Demand jury trial 65.00 
Index number 210.00 
Index number for mortgage foreclosure  400.00 
Notice of appeal  65.00 
Notes of issue  30.00 
Notice of motion or cross motion  45.00 
Request for judicial intervention [RJI] 95.00
Stipulation of settlement / Voluntary discontinuance 35.00 
Warrant of attachment 15.00 


Transcript [file] 10.00 
To issue transcript 5.00 
To issue certificate of disposition 5.00 
Satisfaction no fee 



Please see here:



Index Number  210.00 
Note of issue 30.00 
Request for Judicial Intervention [RJI] 95.00 
Dissolution of Marriage with copies 15.00 
Certified Copy of Judgment of Divorce* 5.00 
(* proper ID is required to get copy of your divorce)  


Any instrument except action or proceeding having an assigned index number  5.00 
Certificate [other than covered by special law]   
Bonds or undertaking   
Separation Agreement   
Notice of Dissolution for state Health Dept   
Satisfaction of executions & wage assignments  no fee 

FOIL - Freedom of Information Law

Filing a request no fee 
Inspecting copies in person no fee 
Copies of documents per page 0.25 


Bail Bond Lien   
File [if by D.A.]  no fee 
Discharge 3.00
Federal tax lien  
To file or discharge  40.00 
Mechanics lien  
To file  15.00 
To cancel no fee 
To discharge by payment in court 3.00 
Individual surety bond lien  
File 5.00 
Discharge 5.00 

Lis Pendens 

File and record [in addition to index number] 35.00 
Cancel  no fee 
To discharge by payment in court 3.00 


File  10.00 
Copies 5.00 


Please see here:  

Notary Public

File a renewal 60.00 
Issue certificate 5.00 
Certificate of authentication 3.00 


Passport Book   
Execution Fee  35.00 
DS-11 [age 16 and over] 110.00 
DS-11 [under age 16] 80.00 
Passport Photo 5.00 
Passport Card  
Execution Fee  35.00 
DS-11 [age 16 and over] 30.00 
DS-11 [under age 16] 15.00
Passport Photo 5.00 

SCAR Petition

File  30.00 


Real property - set by county clerk 5.00
Records for each two-year period or fraction thereof  
Census - search & certificate 5.00
[for each two-year period searched]  

Uniform Commercial Code [UCC]

Indexed to real estate or collateral of crops   
or goods indexed against real property   
Initial Filing UCC-1  
All UCC filings 40.00
Accepted on standard form only  
UCC-3 Filing  
Any termination, continuation, release, assignment  
or amendment that the original was indexed to   
real property  
UCC-11 Searches and/or federal tax liens  
Search for specific debtor 25.00
[Only one name per search]  
Uncertified copies 5.00 per copy
Certified copies 10.00 per copy

Veteran Discharges

Filing DD214 papers no fee
Certified copy* no fee
[*proper ID is required to get copy of DD214]