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What is Family Planning Benefit Program?

This program provides family planning services to individuals who might otherwise not be able to afford such services.

What is the purpose of the program?

To increase access to family planning services. Designed to enable individuals, including minors who may be sexually active, to prevent or reduce the incidence of unintended pregnancies and improve health outcomes.

Who is eligible for the Family Planning Benefit Program?

  • All individuals
  • Childbearing age
  • Income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty bLevel
  • Not eligible for Medicaid or Family Health Plus (or have signed off that they only want FPBP)
  • New York State resident

What services are covered under the Family Planning Benefit Program?

  • All FDA approved birth control methods, devices, supplies including, the ring.
  • Reproductive health history & physical exam
  • Screening for STD, HIV, cervical cancer
  • Breast exam
  • Testicular exam
  • Emergency Contraception "FREE"
  • Screening and related diagnostic testing for conditions that impact contraceptive choice
  • Male & female sterilization
  • Pregnancy testing and non-directional counseling
  • Education

What services are NOT covered?

  • Fertility treatments
  • Abortions
  • Colposcopies
  • Services not related to family planning

Is it confidential?

Yes, your participation in the Family Planning Benefit Program is 100% confidential.

How can I sign up?

Download the following requirements for your checklist

Call your local Health Department Family Planning Clinic in Olean (716-701-3439), Salamanca (945-1246), Machias (716-353-8525) or 1-800-251-2584 (toll-free) to make an appointment.

When you call ask about the Family Planning Benefit Program, you will need to bring the following documentation:

  • Proof of Identity/Date of Birth (Bring One)
    • Drivers license
    • Official photo identification
    • Passport
    • Official school record
  • Residency/Home Address (Bring One)
    • Photo identification card with current address issued in past 6 month
    • Postmarked envelope, postcard or magazine label with name & date
    • Drivers license issued in past six months
    • Rental Agreement
  • Social Security Number (we just need your number, not the card)
  • If NOT US CItizen-Alien Status (Bring One)
    • Passport
    • Naturalization Certificate
    • INS Form (Green Card)
  • Proof of current income Bring all that provide income for you:
    • Paycheck stubs showing four weeks of income
    • If self-employed. records of earning and expenses
    • Child Support Alimony letter from court or check stub
    • Worker's Compensation award letter or check stub
    • Military- Pay award letter or check stub
    • Letter or check stub from roomer, boarder or tenant showing rent or room board
    • Signed statement by family member
    • Unemployment check stubs
    • Income Tax forms. 
  • Childcare Expenses
    • Receipts from childcare expenses

If you are under 21 years old and unsure about finding these documents, call and ask to speak to our Financial Assessment Representative.

Most appointments can be scheduled within several days.

What if I'm getting free services now?

If you get free services now, you can apply for the Family Planning Benefit Program and make your life easier. You only need to bring proof of income ONCE to your application appointment, along with the other required documents. You will not need to bring proof of income for each clinic visit!

In order for us to continue to provide these affordable and reliable services it is important for you to apply for the Family Planning Bennifit Program!

What if I have health care insurance?

If you have health insurance but do not want to useit for your Family Planning services for confidentiality reasons, you can still qualifyfor the Family Planning Benefit Program, if you meet the income requirements. Talk about it with the Financial Assessment Representative at your application appointment. If your income is too high for the Family Planning Benefit Program, you can still pay for services on a sliding fee.


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