Agricultural Development Services

Sunrise over barn in Great Valley, August 2006. Photo Credit Rick MillerCattaraugus County is home to a vibrant and diverse agricultural industry.  The Planning division provides critical services to the agricultural community.

Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan - in 2007, the Cattaraugus County Legislature adopted the county's first Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan. Visit here to read more about the Plan and to download a copy of it.

Agricultural Districts - the County currently has 6 NYS Certified Agricultural Districts. Visit here to read more about the County's Agricultural Districts Program.

Annual 30-Day Inclusion - NYS Agriculture and Markets Law Section 303-b provides for the designation of an annual 30-day period during which landowners may submit requests for the inclusion of predominately viable agricultural land into an existing agricultural district. Cattaraugus County has designated January 2nd through January 31st of each year as this 30-day period. Landowners seeking inclusion into an agricultural district must submit a "Landowner Request for Inclusion" form to the Cattaraugus County Department of Economic Development, Planning and Tourism by the January 31st deadline. To request a form, contact Paul R. Bishop, Senior Planner, at 716-938-2369 or by email at prbishop [at] cattco [dot] org, or download the form and email the completed form to prbishop [at] cattco [dot] org, or fax to (716) 938-2779.

Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board -  This 11-member board advises the County Legislature on agricultural issues, and is tasked with implementing the Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan.

Cattaraugus County Right-To-Farm Law - in 1995 the Cattaraugus County Legislature passed its own right-to-farm law to protect farmers and agricultural land from nuisance complaints and disputes.  Visit here to read more about this law.


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