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You may use User Fee Tickets, also known as Transfer Tickets or Dump Tickets, to drop off refuse at Cattaraugus County Transfer Stations.  The User Fee Tickets are sold in denominations of $5.00, $10.00, and $30.00.

Waste Fee Schedule - Updated January 4, 2023:

Residential Solid Waste (MSW):

Size of Waste Cost
Bag up to 16 gallons $1.50 each
Bag 17-35 gallons $3.00 each
Bag 36-48 gallons $4.50 each
Bag 49-64 gallons $6.00 each

Truck Loads:

  • Cubic Yard:  $20.00 each (uncompacted)  **3 Cubic Yards = waste loaded slightly above the original manufacturer's side walls on a standard pickup truck.**
  • Scaled per ton:  $75.00

Construction and Demolition Debris:

  • Cubic Yard:  $20.00
  • Per Ton:  $75.00

Miscellaneous Bulky Items:

Type of Waste Cost
Chair $5.00
Propane Tank $5.00
CRT/LCD Flat Screen $0.00
Other Electronics/White goods (appliances such as ovens, stoves, washers, dryers, etc.) $0.00
Toilet $5.00
Doors/windows $5.00
Couch $10.00
Box Spring $10.00
Mattress $10.00
Sleeper Sofa $20.00
Carpet Roll > 3' long $10.00
Freon item $15.00


Yard Waste:

  • Per 30 gallon bag:  $1.00
  • Per cubic yard:  $5.00


Tire Fee Schedule:

Tire Type & Size Cost
Car (to 21") $3.00 each
Car (to 21" on rim) $15.00 each
Agricultural and Industrial (15" - 21") $8.00 each
Large truck (19.5" to 24.5") $6.00 each
Oversized (larger than 24.5") $2.00 per ply
Scaled $200.00 per ton

Where to buy User Fee Tickets

Below is a listing of places that you may get User Fee Tickets (Transfer Station Tickets).

Places to Buy User Fee Tickets
Municipality Location
Allegany Village Clerk's Office, Town Clerk's Office, Randy's Up the River, 7-Eleven
Ashford Town Clerk's Office
Cattaraugus Bank of Cattaraugus
Coldspring Town Clerk's Office
Conewango Town Clerk's Office
Dayton Town Clerk's Office
Delevan Crosby's
East Otto Mitch's General Store
Ellicottville Tops Market
Farmersville Town Clerk's Office
Franklinville Town Clerk's Office, Village Clerk's Office, Expressions Electronic Cigarettes, Franklinville True Value Hardware
Freedom Town Clerk's Office
Gowanda Gowanda Shop and Save
Great Valley Town Clerk's Office
Hinsdale Crosby's
Leon Town Clerk's Office
Little Valley Town Clerk's Office, Crosby's
Lyndon Town Clerk's Office
Machias Lil's Deli
Mansfield Town Clerk's Office
New Albion Town Clerk's Office
Olean City Clerk's Office, Dewey Discount Beverage, Olean Area Credit Union, Olean Teachers' & Postal FCU, Park & Shop, Ried's Food Barn, Tops Market. 
Otto Town Clerk's Office
Perrysburg Town Clerk's Office
Persia Town Clerk's Office
Portville Park & Shop, Portville Redemption Center
Randolph Tops Market, Town Clerk's Office
Salamanca City Clerk's Office, Sander's Parkview, Antones I, Edna's Grab N' Go and Seneka Smoke Shop
South Dayton South Dayton Supermarket
Yorkshire Town Clerk's Office