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The Sheriff's Office created this page for people interested in a job in law enforcement. Check out recent jobs/exams.

The Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Office of the County. As such, he is responsible for the safety and security of the inhabitants of Cattaraugus County. The Sheriff's law enforcement responsibilities are further categorized into law enforcement and the administration of criminal justice, crime prevention, court security, civil process, community action and emergency communications.

Cattaraugus County is mostly rural, covering an area of approximately 1,335 square miles. In order to provide professional law enforcement services to our nearly 85,000 citizens, the Sheriff's Office has over 150 full and part-time members.

The Cattaraugus County Sheriff's Office is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage qualified men and women who may be considering a career in law enforcement to apply.

Benefits for Full-time Positions

  • Paid Vacation - Employees receive vacation after their first year of service
  • Paid Personal / Military / Bereavement Leave / Holidays - Employees are awarded personal days yearly. There are 9 paid holidays currently. Military leave is provided pursuant to regulation. Bereavement leave is used as necessary.
  • Paid Sick Leave - Sick leave can accumulate over time.
  • Health Insurance - Insurance is provided through the county with little cost to the employee.
  • Uniform Allowance - Uniforms are purchased and maintained by the employee. In return, a yearly uniform allowance is provided.
  • Retirement Plan - Criminal and Correction Personnel are covered under the New York State Retirement System 25 year plan for Sheriff's Office personnel. Communications and clerical workers are covered under the standard New York State Retirement System.