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Our Veterans,  Their Stories: Preserving first hand accounts from our heroes one story at a time

Our Veterans, Their Stories
Preserving first hand accounts from our heroes one story at a time

By recording the oral histories of our veterans, we preserve the human face of American history for generations to come and honor those men and women who swore to protect and defend the United States. Our goal is to document the accounts of those who served from Cattaraugus County.

Visit the Museum

The Catt. County Museum and Research Library announces that its new exhibit, “Our Veterans, Their Stories,” is officially open to the public.

Their Stories Online

Project Preview

Pieces of Three Veterans' Stories

Steve McCord

Major, U.S. Army

Norm Marsh

Sergeant, U.S. Air Force

Richard Helmich

E5 U.S. Navy Seabee

Philip L. Smith

Corporal, U.S. Army

Edward Leaskey

Seaman First Class, U.S. Navy

William Frank

Corporal, U.S. Army

Malcom Pelton

Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Corp

Glen Hester

Private First Class, U.S. Army

Franklin Green

E5, U.S. Marine Corp

Darwin Booram

Corporal, U.S. Army

More Stories on Veterans

Discover more stories about or from veterans on Cattaraugus County's History website.

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Share your Story

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or call the Veterans' Service Agency at 716-701-3298.

About the Project

The Cattaraugus County Veterans' Stories Project is an audio and video project lead by the Veterans' Service Agency and the County Museum & Research Center.

More Hands Make Less Work

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Other County Departments supporting this project are the Department of Aging and the Department of Economic Development, Planning & Tourism.