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Summary & Analysis of Similar Initiatives for Park
Community Economic Development - Volume 5
Smart Development for Quality Communities Guidebook Series
Cattaraugus County, July 31, 2001

The Saratoga Associates and Cattaraugus County collaborated in the preparation of this guidebook, which presents case studies from around the nation and draws lessons about future development around Allegany State Park. These lessons confirm that rapid, unplanned development can result in faceless and unattractive commercial and residential development, including strip malls, sign proliferation, franchise architecture around major park facilities, traffic congestion, communities that are unfriendly to pedestrians and overly dependent on automobiles, and aging infrastructure. Planning for the community edge around major parks has not been coordinated, comprehensive, or ongoing in these gateway communities, being focused instead on problems with specific issues. Cattaraugus County can gain a strategic edge by facilitating coordinated work between perimeter communities and Allegany State Park, such as improving trail linkages. Such an "edge" would preserve the attractiveness of this 65,000 acre regional tourist destination.

Volumes 5, 6 and 7 (as a set) received the Western New York Section of the American Planning Association's "2004 Outstanding Planning Award for Comprehensive Planning".

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