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Be sure to read the Cattaraugus County Recycling Guide... the more you recycle, the more you save!

Transfer Stations & Curbside Collection Programs

At Curbside

Material Preparation These Items are NOT Recyclable
Clear Glass Bottles & Jars Only
  • Wash Clean
  • Remove Lids/Rings
  • No Colored Glass
  • No Glasses, Ceramics, Pyrex
  • Window Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Pottery
  • Crystal Glass
  • Light Bulbs or Ceramic Mugs
  • Wash Clean
  • Remove Lids
  • No Plastic Bags
  • No Yogurt, Margarine or any Tube Type Containers.
No OTHER Plastics of any kind are Recyclable in our system.
Cans, Aluminum and Tin
  • All Clean Aluminum and Tin Cans
  • Wash Clean
  • No Aluminum Foil
  • No Pie Plates or TV Dinner Trays.
Paper, Inserts, Magazines,
Telephone Books, School
and Office Paper, Junk Mail, Cards &  Envelopes.
  • No Plastic Bags
  • No Blueprints, Carbon Paper or Metallic Paper
Hardcover Books
  • Recyclables that are CLEAN and SORTED accepted Free of Charge.
  • Curbside Collection Requirements are subject to Collector's Specifications.

At Transfer Stations Only

Material Preparation These Items are NOT Recyclable
Scrap Metal, White Goods Appliances, Washers, Stoves and Car Parts. Non-metal Attachments must be Removed. Items made are made mostly of other materials i.e. car seats, box springs, etc.
Lead and Vehicle Batteries Car, Boat and Motorcycle.  
Vehicle Tires 1 collections/year, see attendant for details.  
Yard Waste Small quantities of grass clippings, leaves and tree trimmings, remove rocks, stones and paper. Limbs and Stumps larger than 3" in diameter can be taken to Five Points or Farwell Composting.   
Magazines & Unwanted
Junk Mail.
Leave in a brown paper bag. Telephone books and envelopes are OK. Do not use plastics bags or bundle with wire. Hardcover Books.
Corrugated Cardboard
  • Breakdown and flatten corrugated boxes.
  • No Pizza Boxes.
  • No styrofoam or Packaging.
Computers, TV's Printers
and Other Electronics.
Electronic recycling is for Cattaraugus County residents only.  Proof of residency will be requested.