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New York State passed the "NYSAFE ACT" which gives pistol permit holders the ability to "Opt-Out" and request that their permit information be kept private and confidential per Protect Your Privacy: FOIL Exemption -

For Cattaraugus County residents that want to opt-out they need to:

  1. download the opt-out form
  2. fill out the opt-out form (print or electronically)
  3. mail, email or fax the form to the Cattaraugus County Clerk's Office

Download the "Opt-Out" form (NYS Firearms License Request for Public Records Exemption) from the New York State Gun Safety website

Completed forms should be returned to the Cattaraugus County Clerk at the address below:

Darrell Klute
Cattaraugus County Clerk
303 Court Street
Little Valley, NY 14755

We will also accept these forms by fax (716-938-2773) or by e-mail at

Forms should be returned within the next 60 days.