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The Department of the Aging exists to be an advocate for senior citizens in the county. Advocacy for the aging means to work and plead on behalf of older people for services that are non-existent or unavailable to them.

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Caregiver Services

Caregiver Counselors can help individuals and their families navigate the difficult decisions and uncertainties that they face.

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Case Management

Case Management is a comprehensive process that helps the older person gain access to and coordinate appropriate services, benefits and entitlements through the use of a standardized process of assessment and reassessment, care planning, arranging for services, follow-up and monitoring, and discharge.

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Elder Abuse Prevention and Investigative Services

The investigator assigned to the Department of the Aging has primary responsibility for investigating crimes against the elderly in Cattaraugus County. A corollary responsibility shall be as advocate for senior victims in guiding them through the criminal justice system. The investigator shall also provide information and education to seniors concerning fraud and abuse prevention.

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Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage

New York State leads the nation in helping its seniors pay for prescription drugs. Residents of Cattaraugus County who are at least 65 years of age or older may qualify to enroll in EPIC (Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage). New income guidelines

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Expanded In-Home Services for the Elderly Program (EISEP)

The EISEP program provides coordinated, need-based, non-medical in-home care to income eligible senior citizens in Cattaraugus County. Under this program, a case manager assesses an individual's various needs and can arrange services provided in the home. These services can include homemaker / personal care, housekeeper / chore services, and personal Emergency Response System (PERS).

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Health Insurance Counseling

Trained insurance counselors can assist seniors with:

  • Filing a claim
  • Understanding health insurance policies
  • Choosing the right policy for their particular needs

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Home Energy Assistance Program and Emergency HEAP

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) provides Cattaraugus County's eligible older population with financial help towards heating costs. Persons 60 years of age or over may apply for this help through the Department. The application process may be done by mail, telephone, or in person as required by the specific situation. HEAP payments appear as credits on an approved applicant's heating bill and are not meant to substitute regular payments.

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Housing: There's No Place Like Home

Department of the Aging staff will assist you in finding housing developments that meet your needs and preferences for location, features, services, price and more. Housing definitions will be explored and guidance given on critical questions you should ask when comparing housing alternatives. When community housing is no longer an option, we can assist you in the process of supportive living or nursing home decisions.

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Information Assistance

Growing older can raise questions for which we do not have ready answers. The Department can assist seniors in answering these questions as well as providing guidance to other community resources. The Department maintains a complete, up-to-date listing of the services, programs, and agencies available in Cattaraugus County and the region.

Get location and contact information for the Department of Aging or one of our Outreach Offices.

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Legal Services

An attorney is under contract with the Department to assist elderly persons with legal counseling in such areas as: entitlement (Social Security, Railroad Retirement, Medicare and Medicaid), veteran's health care, health insurance advice/ claims, and abuse or protective services issues. An appointment with our lawyer can be made by contacting the Department. A voluntary donation for this service is acceptable.

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Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

Through this program, trained volunteers act as advocates for senior citizens living in nursing homes and related facilities. These volunteers are not associated with the facility and represent the interests of residents to the facility administration. Contact the Department of Aging for more information.

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Mental Health Assessments

Services are available to assist seniors with Mental Health issues at the Allegany Linwood Center on a limited basis.

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Nutrition and Wellness Services

The Department of Aging offers a comprehensive nutrition program including:

Nutrition education and counseling, home delivered meals, congregate meals and health promotion.

Nutrition Education and Counseling

Nutrition education and counseling is available through a consulting registered dietitian sub-contracted by the Department. The dietitian may be reached by contacting the main office of the Department.

This service is free to any person over the age of 60.

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Outreach Offices

Trained staff provide outreach services to those elderly who are homebound or unable to get to the satellite or main offices. These staff can provide information on Social Security, SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, fuel assistance, property taxes, Veteran's benefits, and Department of the Aging services. Staff can assist with the necessary forms. Staff also can assist in identifying needs, encourage the acceptance of aid, and provide contact with needed services.

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Photo I.D. Card

The Senior Citizen Photo I.D. Card provides verification of age. There is a one-time suggested contribution of $2.00 for this service; however, no one is denied a photo I.D. card because of an inability to contribute. Photos are generally taken in the main office. Call the Department for more information.

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Public Information

The Department of the Aging offers speakers on a variety of aging services and related topics. Contact the Department to arrange a speaker for your group.

A variety of brochures and pamphlets dealing with services and programs for the senior population are available at the Department's main office in Olean. Many of these brochures are also available at Senior Wellness and Nutrition Program Sites or from outreach workers.

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Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

The Department currently coordinates the efforts of over 800 volunteers age 55 and older in Cattaraugus County. Volunteers are placed in various non-profit agencies or organizations in the county including: Senior Wellness and Nutrition Program Sites, libraries, schools, hospitals, museums, entertainment, etc.

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Social Model Adult Day Care: The Linwood Center

The Department sponsors an Adult Day Care Center located in Allegany. This center provides services for adults who may not require 24 hour care, but who may benefit from supervision, nutrition, personal care, and social stimulation in a non-institutional day setting. The center offers activities planned and designed to meet the specific needs and abilities of each participant according to an individualized plan of care.

In addition to providing for basic needs, the center offers:

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Some transportation is available throughout the county for medical appointments, shopping, congregate dining and Adult Day Care services.

Please contact us for more information

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Weatherization Referral and Packaging Program

The Weatherization Referral and Packaging Program (WRAP) provides senior citizens with assistance for energy related problems or needs. The WRAP case manager assesses needs, develops a plan to meet those needs, and links the applicant with available programs. Assistance with applications for benefits or programs is also provided.

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