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The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) provides Cattaraugus County's eligible older population with financial help towards heating costs. Persons 60 years of age or over may apply for this help through the Department. The application process may be done by mail, telephone, or in person as required by the specific situation. HEAP payments appear as credits on an approved applicant's heating bill and are not meant to substitute regular payments. These credits often take several months to appear after the initial application is filed.

Emergency HEAP

Emergency HEAP may also be available to eligible persons who are unable to pay overdue heating fuel bills and/or for payment towards heating equipment replacement or repair. Emergency HEAP financial guidelines are stringent and the application process requires that the senior apply in person, by appointment. 


Eligibility for HEAP and Emergency HEAP is based on monthly income and/or resources which are graduated annually, with accommodations for numbers of persons living in the household.

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