Child Support

The Cattaraugus County Child Support Enforcement Unit helps to strengthen families and reduce welfare spending by placing the responsibility for supporting children on those parents with the financial resources to provide such support.  The Child Support Unit works with both private and public assistance and Medicaid clients.  The Child Support Collection Unit:

  • Files petitions and orders genetic marker tests to establish the paternity of children born out of wedlock
  • Locates absent parents using various computer matches
  • Files petitions for the establishment of financial and medical support
  • Files petitions for modification of support based on cost-of-living increases or changes in circumstances;
  • Enforces court orders, monitors payments and files violation petitions, as needed
  • Establishes income executions
  • Collects arrears by seizing income tax refunds, lottery winnings and bank accounts
  • Works with the Department of Taxation to seize the assets of non-custodial parents who are four or more months in arrears
  • Suspends or denies driver’s licenses, professional licenses and passports
  • Requests a jail term for individuals who are willful non-payers
  • Maintains complete and accurate information on the state computer system about each case
  • Retains fiscal responsibility for charging and disbursing support in accordance with the child support orders
  • Monitors compliance with state and federal laws, policies, and procedures

There is a statewide Customer Service Helpline (CSH) whose representatives are trained to answer routine questions about the Child Support Program and about individual specific cases. Clients can reach this service by calling 888-208-4485

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