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Our Daycare Subsidy program provides childcare subsidies to families with incomes below 85% of the New York State Median Income.

The eligibility for subsidy is based on the parents'/guardians' participation in at least one of the following:

  • Educational and training programs that lead to employment in a demand occupation. The list of demand occupations is generated by the state Department of Labor.
  • Working parents
  • Teenage parents who were completing their high school education.
  • Families who needed help to prevent a child's out-of-home placement.
  • Working parents who are transitioning from Temporary Assistance
  • Daycare for Foster Parents to ensure daycare while working.

Family income eligibility levels have been established at or below 85% of the state median income (SMI) for New York State. In the chart below, the State Median Income (SMI) (middle column) is given as a guideline. Your income must be at or below the amount in the third column (85% of the State Median Income). If your income is above the number in that column (based on family size), you do not qualify for daycare assistance. Please refer to the chart below for the maximums based on family size.

Family Size

State Median Income (SMI) for New York

85% SMI for New York


























To apply, please call (716) 373-8065 with any questions or to request an application. If you prefer to complete your application online, please click here. For instructions on the application, click here.


If you are interested in becoming an approved provider, please contact our contract agency, Accord at (585) 268-7605.