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What Are Family-Type Homes for Adults?

These private homes provide an atmosphere of family living for adults who are unable to live on their own. Family-type homes for adults are provided by people who have a desire to help others and have extra room in their homes. Each home is limited to a maximum of four residents unrelated to the provider. The homes are certified by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services through its Bureau of Adult Services. County Departments of Social Services are available to assist with the application process, inspections, and placement of residents.

Who are the Operators of Family-Type Homes for Adults?

People who enjoy helping others become as independent as possible. Homemaking skills and good common sense are important. They do not need specialized education or experience to provide a comfortable homelike atmosphere.

Who are the Residents?

Residents are people 18 years of age and older who cannot live alone but have much to offer to a family. They may be unable to maintain a home because of advanced age or physical or developmental disabilities, yet they do not need the skilled medical and nursing services provided in nursing homes. Some residents may need supervision and assistance with personal care.

Residents are not confined to your home. Many go to sheltered workshops, schools or senior citizen centers, and take part in other activities. Some are able to do volunteer work in the community.

How are Residents Chosen for My Home?

Residents are referred by hospitals, doctors, public and private agencies, friends and neighbors, and your county Department of Social Services. Providers should meet with a prospective resident to ensure an appropriate and compatible placement.

Do I have to Own a House?

No. You may either rent or own a house or apartment. There must be adequate light and ventilation, and your house or apartment must meet certain standards set by the Office of Children and Family Services.

What are the Benefits?

In addition to companionship and the satisfaction of helping others, you will be paid for the services that you provide to your residents. A worker from your county Department of Social Services will explain the income benefits that are available and answer any other questions you have about the program.


For more information contact Cattaraugus County APS Supervisor at 716-373-8070.

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