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Is it difficult for you or a loved one to perform simple daily activities?  Would the assistance of another person make these tasks manageable for you, and improve the quality of your life?  If you answered “yes” to these questions, Personal Care Services might be what you need.

Home Care

Home care programs are Medicaid funded long term care programs designed to help eligible elderly or disabled individuals remain safely at home rather than in a nursing home.  Home care programs have different eligibility requirements, but they all require you be eligible for Medicaid.

Personal Care

Environmental aide services such as household chores, meal prep, shopping laundry and similar activities may be available for individuals having difficulty with at least one or more activities of daily life.  Individuals must be Medicaid eligible and otherwise exempt from Managed Long-Term Care or Managed Care.  In addition to Personal Care services which are provided through an agency, there is also a Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program.

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

The Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program provides an alternative way of receiving home care services in which consumers have more control over who provides their care and how it is provided. Rather than assigning a home care agency that controls selection, training, and scheduling of aides, the "consumer," or the family member, friend, or guardian directing his or her care, performs all these functions usually done by the agency.

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