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What does it mean to work for Social Services?

The Cattaraugus County Social Services staff works with each resident that comes through our doors with compassion and empathy. It’s true, most times if they’re working with us, it’s not the best time of their lives. But we’re here to help them.

Our caseworkers (child protective, foster care and adult protective) are focused on keeping families together and safe. We have a dedicated team that works with preventive services providers to enable parents to strengthen their skills to keep their children in a safe and loving environment.

The eligibility staff in our income-based programs (Temporary Assistance, SNAP, Medicaid, HEAP, and Employability) review each case as efficiently and timely as possible. Using the guidelines from both the federal and state governments, they determine what assistance we are able to provide to the individual.

Common Questions about working for Social Services

Do I have to have a degree?

For some of the positions in our department, a four-year degree is required but for many positions, no degree is needed. More detailed information can be found on the Cattaraugus County Human Resources page.

Are there specialized skills required?

We have a robust training program for all our positions. While there are basic skills that we do look for, we do have the flexibility to train a person that we feel would fit the position.

Do I have to work with the public?

While a majority of our positions do interact daily with the public, there are some positions that are internal in nature and do not required public interaction, such as some positions on the clerical, IT and Accounting teams.


Cattaraugus County Department of Social Services

We strengthen communities.


To find out more information on the open positions with Cattaraugus County, please visit the Human Resources webpage.