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This federal program assists low-income families and individuals with utility and fuel payments. There are two components to this program, regular and emergency benefits. One regular benefit is issued to a household, but then if the household experiences an emergency it could be entitled to an emergency fuel and an emergency utility benefit. The HEAP program also authorizes furnace repairs/replacements and clean and tunes.

During the summer months, HEAP runs the cooling program to assist households with air conditioners. These households must be HEAP eligible and contain an individual with a medically-verified condition that is worsened by the heat.

If you need more information about the program or to find out if you are eligible for assistance, please call one of the following phone numbers:

  • *If your last name begins with A through M, call 716-701-3773
  • *If your last name begins with N through Z, call 716-701-3774


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HEAP Frequently Asked Questions 2023-2024